Kelee Conference

Effects of Kelee Meditation

The effects of Kelee meditation
are centered in the thought that,
when the mind is brought into harmony,
it will heal the physical body

—pg. 175, Troubleshooting the Mind

Kelee® Medicine

October 4th, 2014 — Dr. Daniel Lee spoke about Kelee® meditation at the U.S. conference on AIDS (USCA) earlier tonight. He discussed the difference between the Western medicine model of health vs. the Kelee model of health. The discussion was meant to inspire people to look at health and quality of life in a different way.

Improving eye health with Kelee meditation …

There are two ways to see, with the physical eyes and with the mind. The mind has the power to to improve eye health by relieving tension that adversely affects optic nerve changing the focal length and making your physical eyes unclear. If you would like to reverse this process, Kelee meditation will directly help your eye health by relieving tension at the source, thereby improving your vision in your eyes.  Ron W Rathbun air max air max

The future of medicine and the mind …

This is the future of medicine and the mind. This is the new cover of The KM medical study uploaded yesterday in print. The second medical study on KM at UCSD has received full funding and is underway. I am the founder of this research and it was been more work than you can imagine. These are exciting times for humanity and it’s well-being.

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Beautiful feeling in the mind, promotes healing in the body

Here is something you can do at night to help with healing,  I teach this at UCSD medical center.  Remember your most beautiful memory and allow it to become a feeling in real time right now. At night fall asleep with this feeling in you mind. Beautiful feeling in the mind, promotes healing in the body. An ancient egyptian understanding says, “The key to health and happiness is to file away only the good and the beautiful in your mind before sleep.”  Thoughts are things and they can change your life, when you use them correctly.  Ron W Rathbun nike thea schwarz nike thea schwarz

About Passion …

Passion … everyone talks about it, but few understand it.  How many of you think … understanding the difference between how passion differs in the attached and detached forms is fascinating?  And how these two forms of passion drive the direction of our life into craziness or love. Do you still think stilling your mind is not worth a little of your time?  Doing Kelee meditation will open a world of understanding when you can get to a clear detached way of seeing in the mind.  Ron W Rathbun air max schwarz air max schwarz

Kelee meditation and the world of medicine

I had one of the deepest discussions on the future Medicine and the mind yesterday with Dr. Lee. This is him Lecturing on Kelee meditation at the UCI Grand Rounds. It is exciting to watch your work enter the world of medicine, more importantly, how it can help every human on the planet individually solve many problems in their life.   Ron W. Rathbun … nike air max nike air max

Medicine and the mind

Everyone’s mind has a storehouse of medicine contained within it, it has been with us since our existence as human beings. What each person needs to know, is how to find and open the door to it. This knowledge is very old, and yet surprisingly new to many, and more natural than you may think. Do you know how to access it? Ron 🙂 nike air max weiß damen nike air max weiß damen

How to be unaffected by what bothers you.

If you want to Learn … how to be unaffected without blocking out emotional pain, this is the how and why of it.  When your conscious awareness can detach out of brain function and enter into the greater Kelee at one pointed stillness, you temporarily break all attachments to pain.  How you learn to be unaffected/detached, is by being at a still point in mind.  Why this works, is because when you come out of a still point, the first thing you sense is the beautiful space of your Kelee.  The space of the Kelee is always peaceful and allows you to feel the beautiful space without being attached to it.   The space of non-attachment which is detachment, allows you to be in a beautiful space.   This is how to not be affected by the world around you.

I just answered this question for someone who is in a lot of emotional pain. What I am explaining I see all the time. This state of being unaffected/detached cannot be done through the intellect, it can only be accessed in mind from learning to be still of mind.   Ron 🙂 nike air max günstig nike air max günstig