1. What is the Kelee Foundation?
The Kelee Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization located in Oceanside, CA. Our goal is to help individuals free themselves from the burdens of life and live a happier, healthier life.  The Kelee Foundation is mainly involved in medical research on how Kelee meditation can help people solve mental and physical problems associated with the mind.

2. How to learn Kelee meditation?
The nature of Kelee meditation is that you can learn it yourself with self-study.  You can learn how to do KM from the book shown on the home page of this site, The Kelee Meditation Practice: The Basic Principles of the Kelee.

3. How long before I see results from doing Kelee meditation?
You will begin to see results within a few days to a few weeks, depending on your level of awareness and how consistently you do Kelee meditation. At six months your progress will be distinct, and at one year profound. After about a year when students are asked, “How have you changed?” or “What’s the difference between now and back before you started Kelee meditation?” Invariably they will shake their head and say, “It was as if I wasn’t even living.”