Kelee® Medicine Conference

•  Free yourself from distractions to discover better fulfillment with patients and at home.

•  Reduce workplace distraction and improve your daily experience.

•  Expand your understanding of the difference between the brain and the mind.

•  Improve your ability to detach from distractions and work more efficiently.

•  Learn the “Anatomy of the Kelee” including the basic principles of the Kelee.

•  Experience the 5-minute Kelee meditation with small group break-outs.

Saturday, July 14th, 2018

8 a.m.-1 p.m.

Breakfast and Lunch will be provided.

Course Description:
Distractions are a very common occurrence in life.  However, being distracted (either by things external to you or by your own internal negative brain chatter) affects everyone’s quality of life.  In the world of Medicine, the cost of distractions can be high as medical errors can occur and our own wellness suffers.  It is well known that physician/medical provider wellness has been declining and that burnout has risen dramatically in recent years.  Many strategies have been utilized to help physicians/medical providers cope with distractions that lead to stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout.  But does coping actually work?

Kelee meditation (KM) is a unique, brief 5-10 minute meditation practice performed twice daily.  In KM, the goal is to practice attaining stillness of mind, which is strictly defined as the absence of distraction from thinking/brain chatter and distraction from the 5 physical senses.  This is achieved by learning how to get out of “brain function” (associated with the thinking process, brain chatter, and the 5 physical senses) and open up to “mind function”, associated with a mental feeling process.  To perform KM, one needs to become familiar with the 4 reference points associated with the “Anatomy of the Kelee”, which can be felt and experienced with practice.

Understanding the “Basic Principles of the Kelee” will help individuals become aware of the concept of “compartmentalization” in the mind.  Compartments are known as our “buttons”, “baggage”, “issues” or attachments, which cause distractions in our lives.  With KM practice, one can learn to operate in “mind function” and begin the “art of non-distraction” by moving from 2-pointed attachments to 1-pointed stillness without attachments.  KM is innovative in that it challenges the paradigm of coping with difficulties in life.  With KM, one does not need to cope with distractions, if they no longer exist.

Target Audience:
This program has been designed for Physicians, Nurse Practitioners, Physician Assistants, and other Health care Providers

Early Bird Cost (until June 1st): $100
After June 1st: $125
Course books are included:

  • Troubleshooting the Mind: Understanding the Basic Principles of the Kelee, by Ron W. Rathbun
  • A Daily Prescription for Natural Health: Kelee Meditation
  • Cancellation Fee:
    There is a cancellation fee of $25. All requests must be received by email only by July 1st, 2018, noon, PDT for a refund of tuition to be issued. No cancellations after July 1st, 2018, noon, PDT.


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    Daniel Lee, MD, and keynote speaker started practicing Kelee meditation in December of 2005 after a breakup in a personal relationship.  Due to beneficial improvements in overall well-being in his own life as a result of Kelee meditation, Dr. Lee recognized that his own difficulties with stress, anxiety, and depression were not different than the issues faced daily by his patients.  He then decided to study the effects of Kelee meditation on stress, anxiety, and depression in his HIV+ patient population.  The quantitative data was published, but he continues to work on publishing the qualitative data from this study, in addition to finishing a UCSD RN burnout study using Kelee meditation.  Along with Dr. Amy Sitapati and Dr. Ankita Kadakia, Dr. Lee is teaching MED 249, an elective class for UCSD medical and pharmacy students, focused on utilizing Kelee meditation to help students deal with stress, anxiety, and depression, which in turn will help prevent future burnout.  Dr. Lee has now been practicing Kelee meditation for over 12 years and lectures around the country about how Kelee meditation can help with reducing stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout.

    Amy Sitapati, MD is Clinical Professor of Medicine at the UCSD Department of Medicine and Biomedical Informatics with Board Certification in Clinical Informatics and Internal Medicine. Dr. Sitapati serves as Chief Medical Information Officer of Population Health for UCSDH. In order to deepen her understanding of the mind-body connection, Dr. Sitapati began the study, research, and training of Kelee meditation nearly 10 years ago. Her background includes experience in integrative healing arts including Kelee Meditation, yoga, acupuncture, and massage. Dr. Sitapati serves as a co-instructor for the Medical School course at UCSD called Understanding the Application of Meditation to Medicine. Dr. Sitapati has applied her knowledge of meditation to both provide the patient with complementary options for healing as well as to improve physician-patient communication. As a survivor of breast cancer, she has personally experienced the application of meditation to medicine in her journey of survivorship.

    Sanjeev Bhavnani, MD is a physician-scientist at Scripps Clinic and Research Foundation where he is also the principal investigator of the Healthcare Innovation Laboratory. As a cardiologist, Dr. Bhavnani uses his practice and knowledge of The Kelee to help patients with various cardiac conditions by exploring their own inner healing.  Being a student of The Kelee, he has ongoing interests with how conventional medicine and the practice of detachment come together to promote well being, improve patient-physician interactions, and physician-to-physician relationships.  In addition to patient care, learning to be harmonious with oneself and a clarity of thought has enabled Dr. Bhavnani towards scientific discovery.

    Ankita Kadakia, MD has been practicing Kelee meditation since 2013.  Diagnosed with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus during her residency training she struggled with her health until she began practicing Kelee meditation. She also struggled with infertility and tried various treatment modalities including IVF.   Since starting Kelee meditation she no longer has Lupus flairs, no longer takes Lupus medications, and has naturally conceived a baby with her husband who also practices Kelee meditation.  She has learned to take charge of her own health and uses Kelee meditation to teach her patients how to take charge of their health.  Dr. Kadakia along with Dr. Daniel Lee has taught Kelee meditation to UCSD medical students, internal medicine residents, and staff and patients of the Owen Clinic in order to help reduce the burden of burnout in medicine. After 5 years of Kelee meditation, Dr. Kadakia continues to enjoy the benefits of a less stressful work and home life as part of her work-life balance.

    Ron W. Rathbun, special guest speaker, is the founder of the Kelee and Kelee meditation. He is also the President and Founder of the Kelee Foundation a non-profit organization. Ron’s mentor was a retired professor from Cal Tech, who had two PhDs and three master’s degrees. Ron studied and consulted with his mentor about the inner workings of the Kelee for 28 years.

    Facilitator: Nikki Walsh, MBA teaches Kelee meditation at the UCSD Rady School of Management. As a biochemist and business person, she teaches this practice with the goal of improving their efficiency at work and living healthier lives. She has been practicing Kelee meditation for over 20 years.

    Kelee Instructor: Frank Silva, MPH, was the instructor for the Kelee Meditation Medical Study that demonstrated Kelee meditation leads to statistically significant improvements in stress, anxiety, and depression. He is a substitute lecturer for UCSD School of Medicine, MED 249: Understanding the Application of Meditation to Medicine.

    Kelee Instructor: Louis Sands, MBA has been a Kelee meditation practitioner since 1998. He teaches a Kelee meditation class to nurses at UCSD Healthcare to assist with job burnout and compassion fatigue.


    UC San Diego Telemedicine Building (845)

    In the LOWER LEVEL Auditorium just past the courtyard

    University of California, San Diego, 9500 Gilman Dr., La Jolla, CA 92093


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