Our Reason for Being

The Kelee® Foundation is a resource for humanity. We offer a way for each person who wants to study their mind, via Kelee meditation. We encourage people to understand a deeper mind-body connection, by means of the basic principles of the Kelee and the practice of KM.

Welcome to the Kelee Foundation, The Kelee Foundation is a place to help everyone understand the basic principles of a phenomenon called the Kelee®. The roots of the Kelee date back three thousand years in ancient Sanskrit. Its definition means, "having to do with different states of mind or point hunter." The word Kelee is also in Greek and Hebrew and translates as vessel or receptacle. This vessel—your Kelee—is a place where you can take bad things out and put good things in. Everyone has felt, at one time or another, emotion—good and bad—well up from within their Kelee. Kelee meditation will give you practical ways to understand your conscious awareness and how your thoughts influence the direction of your life. You will learn where your troubling thoughts reside and how to dissipate them with a practice that takes about five minutes, twice a day. read more...

Kelee meditation is a meditation practice focused on achieving stillness of the mind, thus, cultivating a true sense of peace and contentment in one’s life. Kelee is a word to describe an energy field that is within everyone. Understanding the reference points within this energy field, the Kelee, can help you find it and guide you through Kelee meditation. read more...
This book will teach you how to do Kelee meditation, answer questions about beginning to meditate, and provide twenty-seven ins and outs, or tips about this practice. Available on Amazon as paperback and ebook.

September 2017, UCSD Faculty Wellness Retreat

Dr. Daniel Lee teaches a breakout unit on KM at a UCSD Wellness and Resilience Retreat for the Health Sciences faculty. Physician burnout increased from 45% to 54% between 2011 and 2014. Understanding the Anatomy of the Kelee and practicing KM can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression associated with work.

MED 249 Begins 3rd-year at UCSD Medical School

Kelee meditation and the anatomy of the Kelee will begin its third-year (2017-2018) being taught to medical students. MED 249 is now part of the curriculum offered at UCSD Medical School every quarter.

Featured in San Diego Union Tribune

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Kelee Foundation is a recipient of a Google Ad Grants award. The Google Ad Grants program supports registered nonprofit organizations that share Google's philosophy of community service to help the world in areas such as science and technology, education, global public health, the environment, youth advocacy, and the arts.

This groundbreaking medical study shows that Kelee meditation leads to statistically significant improvements in stress, anxiety, and depression in 12 weeks. read more